Thursday, April 2, 2009

How important of Ukhwah in harakah Islamiyyah

Hmm, one of the problems that always play in Harakah Islamiyyah is Ukhwah within members of the harakah islamiyyah….I don’t know it really…but I always hear it,always….and I also don’t know how to solve it…..i don’t know how to manage it….
I know that ukhwah play a very important role when for all members of the harakah islamiyyah because ukhwah will be a strength in the work…..without powerful ukhwah within members, no work will be done and we will always about problems,problems and problems…..

Hmmm, basically, it is very sweet to do a job or work in the harakah islamiyyah….because all of we do is to contribute to islam…..and we are really confident that if we help islam, Allah will help us……If members of the harakah islamiyyah do a job will good ukhwah on each other, I believe they will feel how sweet work on harakah islamiyyah….although u have many problems, a lot of time to spend in harakah islamiyyah…it will easier for U…..
Firstly ……I think better we take a look why the ukhwah islamiyyah can be broken off…..

Hmm, I think the reason why ukhwah islamiyyah had broken off….surely because we don’t care about our members and we still don’t understand him/her……It means, we still don’t understand and get into amal of the second pillar of usrah……we still don’t understand of our members and friends…..we don’t understand his/her true feelings……until sometimes our talk or pur actions will make his/her frustrated….
I don’t why people don’t care about another people…….because islam teaches us to take responsibilities to each other……when we talk to save Gaza…..we say we should love and help or ikhwan there….but how about here and your place…….did u take a responsibilities……

Hmm…very nice…..i remembered how relationship of Nabi SAW with one blind jews old woman….everyday Nabi SAW will give the old woman some foods nicely…although the old woman talked the bad words to Nabi SAW…..How nice Rasulllah SAW….Nabi SAW continued his actions until he wafat (died)….Then Abu Bakar As-Siddiq asked Aisyah…..”What is other thing that that Nabi done during his life and I still don’t do it???? Aisyah Ra said: Nabi Saw always give some foods to a jews old woman the edge of the town…….
Then,Abu Bakar As-Siddiq went to the place and met the old woman and straightly gave some food to the old woman…..But, the old woman asked him, who are U????? the Abu Bakar As-Siddiq said, I am the people who always give u some foods…..The old woman said…he is not u, who are U???? Abu bakar said the same word….Then, the old woman said,the people who always give the foods to me will be grind the foods and he will give the food nicely to me…Then Abu Bakar said, he is Nabi Muhammad SAW….Then the old woman directly convert to Islam by saying syahadah….

My friends, here I want to say that how Nabi SAW take care othet people although she is kafir and she always hit him by bad words….then he still do the actions non-stop until he wafat…..although the the changed did not happen in his life, but the old woman convert to islam after Nabi SAW wafat….
To be Continued….

There are too many crimes in this country…..who should be blamed???

One by one and case by cases of crimes happen daily. When we read newsapaper, everyday talks the same topic but in different way of stories…
Hmm,the question is why the crimes activities straightly increase until it almost reach the climax????? This shows the world now is not safe for human anymore….
I really interested to find why this situation happen??What factors that causes these actions?? What should everybody do before It will too late later???? Many questions make some image in my mind…Today, I read the Star newspaper and I found one case that is really bad to read…two members of one family had died after the robbers want to take their luxury cars outside of their house…
Then in metro, I read about one bad case which is involved the teenagers..The report said that the two sisters had been the sex-slavers for their own blood-brother for a few years…Then the brother started to run away from his home because all his actions before had been discovered…
In solution, I think all the people should play a role to manage this problems…just imagine if this problems or this phenomenon is happening in our family…People, we should assume our friends as our own relatives or our own family….if not, this situation will continuously occur…
So, wont to blame anybody, but I just want all people mainly for those who have responsibilities to manage this problem should plan a serious strategy to manage this problems successfully.