Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Raisin So Special????

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda: "Biasakanlah memakan kismis kerana kismis dapat menghilangkan kepahitan (empedu/cairan kuning), menghilangkan lendir, menyihatkan badan, membaguskan rupa, menguatkan saraf dan menghilangkan letih".

Imam Ali berkata: "Barangsiapa memakan 21 biji kismis merah, maka dia tidak akan melihat pada jasadnya suatu yang tidak disenangi".

Imam Ali berkata: "Kismis dapat menguatkan jantung, menghilangkan penyakit, menghilangkan panas dan memulihkan kesihatan jiwa".

Pada riwayat lain dari Abi Ja'far At-Thusi disebutkan bahawa kismis dapat menghilangkan lendir dan menyihatkan jiwa".

In addition, raisin also cantain antioxidant known as catechin. This antioxidant basically is completely absorbed in human body. This substance helps to maintain our colon to be functioned well.

Furthermore, raisin is contains potassium and fibre. It is also contains fructose which is natural sugar and it will be a good energy source for human.
Based on the research done by College of dentistry in Chicago, Raisin contains a substance called phytochemical which obstacles the replication of bacteria in mouth. This will decrease the gum and teeth problems.

Raisin also contains iron mineral which is function in blood formation. More iron mineral will increase the volume of the blood and it will generate the oxygen transportation more efficient. Students always feel sleepy because there is not enough oxygen supply to the brain mainly in rest or sit. Raisin which supplies the iron mineral will increase the volume and the efficiency of the blood and in simple word it will able to prevent tiredness and sleepy.

In addition, Raisin also contains Boron which is important for bone. Boron is function to prevent Osteoporosis in human.

So…eat raisin daily for our own health…Let’s try!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One day in ISA rally...So exhausted!!!

Today, I went to Kuala Lumpur to join a demonstration for ISA.Waa very anxiety right??? Hmm, There were three groups of crowd had planned. First at SOGO, second at Masjid Jamek and thirdly at Masjid Negara. All the groups had planned to go to Istana Negara to give a memorandum to Yang Di Pertuan Agong.
My friends and I went there quite early and at that time, not many people there.... Fortunately, Polices did not check us and they just ignored..hahaha… . So we had no problems to go into Masjid Negara. Then, after that, we just look around and waiting more people came in…..In waiting, we saw some people had asked by polices.the polices made some checks to them….and some of the people had been detained….Waaa, Pity on them right???
After praying, I turned down from the mosque and at that time our commander had came in…He is Dr Hatta….So, we must follow his instruction….Then we started our walked to Istana Negara….But in the middle of the road, we had blocked with some polices and then….from far…..the people who is wearing red helmet were coming…..They are FRU….waaa...
FRU just shooted some BoMbs to us and we ran away….run! run! run!...
I felt very pain in my nose and In my eye…..liquid from my eyes started to reach my cheek….wa…very discomfortable….But it is ok….I used some salt to recover my pain…When I turned around, I saw many people in unstable condition….some of them ran away and fall off…some of them ran to a bush area….some of them ran without shoes and slippers…many more….
After we ran to the other side….we met FRU….then we moved to another side and we met FRU again…so, it mean we had been controlled by them…..where should we ran???? I said I don’t know….we just follow all people…In my heart, where I should ran?? Or maybe today I will arrest by police???
Then my friend looked at some people who met FRU and They hold up their arms as a symbol they surrender…..Unfortunately, the FRU straightly aim the edge of the water cannon to them and finally someof them were wet with the chemical water….Yaaaah…Really bad action…
After almost 2 hours away and ran back…finally I moved to a building and finally we went back to Kuala Lumpur Commuter and bought some tickets to go back to UPM….Wa…really exhausted…
Well, after joining this demo, I impressed with the spirits and commitments of people who came to protest the ISA system….Some of them came from Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and many more places….I pray so that Allah received all works that we had done…Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin…