Saturday, July 12, 2008

Malam Tunas Budaya Is A Part Of HeDoNisme...

UPM-Saturday(12/07/2008),BHEP UPM organised a program called Malam Tunas Budaya.This program started at 8.30pm.Many students came to the Dewan Besar to watch some activities there.Basically,this program is prepared for new students but there were a lot of seniors came to this program.

This program is planned to introduce some tradition cultures in malaysia to the new students.All seventeen colleges in UPM participated to present their own show.Colleges were combined to each other to present their own show.

But,it was really sad when we are looking at the situation there.In the hall,male and female students were not sit in separate place but they sit in random.So,in the crowd,maybe some of the students take this opportunity to do unethical behaviour.

In addition,the shows actually did not figure professional.The students just wear any clothes without thinking about islamic law.Then,students shouted,cheered like stayed in concert event.

Actually,the university department should avoid students from involved in this hedonisme program because there are a lot of implications will be happened to students.

So,the University department should re-check whether this program is available or not.

Ahmad Usman
UPM serdang,Selangor

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