Monday, October 26, 2009

Keep Changing From Day 2 Day.....

Today, before I got my ruminant final exam, one uncle had talk to me something that gave a deep effect in my heart…During that time in my faculty surau when I was studying, one uncle suddenly came into that surau and took ablution and directly pray the dhuha prayer….After he prayed he stood up and sat back…then he started to talk with me and one my friend….

He said, Salam, Do u study???

I answered, yes…

Then he said with joking, if u have problem during exam, just ask lecturer…..
Then I said with a little smile…Yes….

Then he started to tell us about his life…..
He said, during the old time, he stayed at the area which now had been build UPM mosque….during that time, everyday he walked from his house to the main library of UPM…Then after he got his first salary, he spent his money to buy a bike…Then, everyday, he went to the library with his new bike…
Then he also talked to me about his family….He said, he has one son and one daughter who already studied in university…..he said he had no problems during his son and his daughter went to the university…Many of his relatives wonder where he got the money???? He said, planning is very important…Then he adviced us to keep money for future use….

But, he also said that, he did not miss to pray dhuha prayer and also woke up for last 10 days in Ramadhan months seeking for Lailatul Qadar….He also said to me that he always start his day with Ayat Seribu Dinar….Then, the most focus important thing he said to me was…. Don’t forget to pray to Allah SWT….Allah will always accept your pray……

Then, I start to think….Yes, before this…I am not really serious in pray….
So I determine to always pray to Allah SWT…….mainly since the final exam is just around the corner….

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CReaTiVe SiFu said...

Untuk mereka yang suka mentarbiyah insan2 yang lain :-D

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